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19-Year-Old Charged With DUI After Deaths

You may have seen the story of a tragic accident in Oceanside that killed three people on February 7. We are learning that 19-year-old Mason Fish was charged with three counts of gross vehicular homicide while intoxicated. He also faces charges of DUI causing injury, possession of a controlled substance, and driving without a license.

When the crash happened, Fish was driving south on South Coast Highway at around 1 p.m. when he ran the red light at Oceanside Boulevard. His Toyota Tacoma slammed into the driver’s side of a Mazda sedan. There were six people inside the Mazda. 74-year-old Rufina Arango Rodriquez and her two adult daughters, Petra Arango and Eloina Arango were all killed and three others injured.

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For the latest reporting year in California, we know that alcohol-involved crashes caused 29% of all traffic crash fatalities. That is an astounding number. Overall, they resulted in:

  • 1,552 deaths

  • 27,065 injuries

Many of those deaths and injuries were of minors.

Law enforcement continues to do everything they can to crack down on the instances of impaired driving, but they cannot stop everyone. So many people make the choice to get behind the wheel and drive thinking that they are fully capable of getting home safely. The end result is that they prevent themselves and other innocent people from ever getting home again.


Overall, there were more than 3,600 fatalities and nearly 12,000 serious injuries due to vehicle accidents during California’s latest reporting year. We know that drinking and driving is deadly, but it is not the only cause of traffic crashes.

All too often we see crashes happen due to distracted driving. Despite many laws and public awareness campaigns, too many people are still texting and driving or watching videos while they are driving. This will almost never end well.

Speeding and aggressive driving continue to be the number one cause of vehicle accidents in the state. The speed limits are not suggestions, they are the law. Yet, we know that most people continue to edge above the posted limits.


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