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3 People Mauled in String of California Dog Attacks

Dogs—America has a love affair with them. As a whole, we own nearly 90 million dogs in this country. And most of the time, they are gentle and docile companions who enjoy belly rubs and long walks in the park. But no matter how we try to elevate their status, even going as far as to consider them family, the truth is that dogs can turn into deadly beasts without warning. And when that happens, people can be severely injured or even killed. California dealt with a string of horrific dog attacks during the first week of April this year, drawing attention to the fact that dogs running at large can be a real issue in our state.

Mother and Child Mauled

The first incident occurred on April 5 when a 47-year-old woman and her 3-year child were mauled by three dogs in Vallejo. A neighbor witnessed the carnage and tried to assist to no avail, calling the attack the worst thing she’d ever experienced in her life. Police eventually arrived, running the dogs off using pepper spray. Both the mother and child were in stable condition in the most recent media report about the attack.

Dog Running at Large Mauls Man

The following Monday, police responded to the attack of a Daly City man who was being mauled when they arrived by a loose dog running free. Neighbors had attempted to distract the dog using a water hose, and then later threw a knife to the man who was under attack, but at that point, the man’s arm had been broken by the dog, preventing him from wielding it. Responding officers had to shoot the dog to end the attack. The man’s condition in the last media report on the incident was reportedly critical but stable.

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Serious Injuries

Although it isn’t clear (other than one victim’s broken arm) what injuries were sustained in these attacks, most dog bite attacks leave behind serious injuries. Tearing cuts often go deeply enough to hit muscle and bone, which can cause extensive injuries. It is not unusual for victims of dog bite attacks to require surgery to correct their injuries, both for functional and cosmetic purposes. The scarring and disfiguration left behind after a dog bite is not always correctable.

Dog Bite Victim? Let Us Help

Perhaps nothing is more traumatizing than being attacked or mauled by an aggressive dog. These attacks can result in physical and emotional trauma that makes healing and getting your life back together an uphill battle. The Law Offices of Edward J. Babbitt, APC, wants to help. Schedule your appointment for a free case consultation with our California dog bite attorney now to discuss your case’s merits and determine the best path forward with your claim.