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4 Signs of Legal Malpractice

Remember when your loved one used to grab you by the cheeks and tell you how smart you are? Were you ever told that you could do anything you wanted? The truth is you are smart, but you can’t do everything. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try for something you are passionate about, but it does mean that you have to be smart about where your talents lay. Unfortunately, not everyone is cut out to be an attorney. Some people have zero interest in being an attorney. Instead, you find someone else to do the work. People hire attorneys for a myriad of reasons. They don’t always involve accidents or lawsuits. Attorneys are needed for special contracts or to ensure that transactions are handled lawfully. Attorneys are people who you hire to look out for your best interest, but not all attorneys are good people.

Some attorneys are not in their profession to look out for their clients. Some attorneys are in it for the money only and some attorneys are just bad at their jobs. Whatever the case may be, legal malpractice is when your legal counsel is acting negligently toward you. Attorneys have a standard of care, just like other professionals, to make sure that your needs are met. If they do not reach that standard of care, then they are in breach of contract. If you are in need of legal counsel and you feel as if there is something wrong then there probably is something wrong. Our Legal Malpractice Attorneys at Edward J. Babbitt, APC in San Diego are here to give you 4 behaviors that may mean that your attorney is engaging in breach of contract:

  1. Not returning your calls: attorneys get busy, but they shouldn’t be actively avoiding your calls or negligently responding to your communication.

  2. Missing deadlines: Attorneys are busy, but their job is to make sure that you have the best case possible when representing your case. If they miss a deadline, you could suffer drastic damages. Missing deadlines is completely unacceptable and you should definitely seek help to remedy this situation.

  3. Not seeking consent or feedback before offers or acceptances: Just because your attorney knows more than you do does not evade them from consulting you throughout the process unless given explicit instructions to do so.

  4. Not Keeping your information confidential: If you are dealing with a sensitive case the last thing you want to do, hears about it in the news or from third parties. If your legal representative is responsible for leaking information that is also a breach of contract.

It may be hard to trust another attorney in order to bring sue your previous attorney, but our Legal Malpractice Attorneys believe that you should be better represented and treated with more respect. We are ready to show you a better side of legal help because we are professionals who care about you and your future. Call or click here to schedule an appointment with our professional attorneys at the Law Offices of Edward J. Babbitt, APC in San Diego today.