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Back Pain is a Real Pain

As children we are bendy little things. Our bones have not fully formed or fused, so we start like little rubber bands then they get stronger and then they start to get brittle and break. Depending on your job, your health up keep, and general behaviors can effect how the most important bone structure functions: your spine.

There are various kinds of back injuries that occur. There injuries come in the form of sprains, spasms, strains, fractures, disc compression, torn ligaments, nerve damage, bulging discs, sciatica, and so many other forms. Your back is so vital to take care of because it is what literally holds you up everyday.

Here are a list of the jobs that are the worst jobs for your back:

  1. Factory Work: whether you are working in materials or livestock, factory workers have in common repetitive movement while they are performing tasks. This leads to repetitive motion disorders that can cause serious injury to the back.

  2. Auto-mechanics: If you’ve never worked as one, try looking at what your mechanic does the next time you take your car in. They do a lot of bending and twisting for long periods of time. This too causes serious strain on your back and can cause serious damage

  3. Ware house workers: This job requires lots of heavy lifting. It requires holding heavy materials and can certainly lead to serious injury for prolonged periods of time.

  4. Nurses and care workers: These jobs are like a combination of auto-mechanics and ware house workers. They are expected to lift patients of all shapes and sizes as well as twist and bend to help patients too.

All these jobs have one thing in common: dangerous for your back. Our Back Pain Attorneys at Edward J Babbitt in San Diego understand that your livelihood is dependent on the function of your back. We know that your success depends on your ability to live and move with chronic pain and we know that compensation is necessary because the bills never stop coming.

If you or a loved one is suffering from a back injury due to neglect of a person or party, or due to a willful act then do not hesitate to call us 619-543-1789. We specialize in back injuries because they are so common yet they are so vital. Back injuries only become worse over time and can cause paralysis, loss of mobility, and inability to every day behaviors like driving or cooking. We know that you have a family that relies on you. We know that you need to be a 100% if you plan on going back to work. Our Back Pain Attorneys are here for you and we want to fight for your needs. With over 30 years of experience, Edward J Babbitt is revered for his tenacity and aggressive nature. We will get the results that you deserve. Call us 619-543-1789 or click here for a free consultation.