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Bicycle Accidents Increasing In Southern California

California is known for so many things like Hollywood movies, Los Angeles fashion, festivals like Coachella, the ever-growing tech industry, wine country, and having a hyper necessity for being healthy. California is one of the largest states in our nation as well as in the top 3 for being the most bike-friendly. The first two are Washington and Minnesota. The ranking system for determining which state is the most bike-friendly depends on infrastructure and funding, education and encouragement, legislation and enforcement, policies and programs, and evaluations and planning. California received top remarks in all except legislation and enforcement. Is this the reason by the 3rd bike-friendliest place is seeing a rise in bicycle accidents?

California is committed to making the state bike friendly by dedicating money and work toward creating bike lanes. However, that is drastically changing. From 2011-2012 over 50 miles of bike lanes were created. Since that year the number has been reduced to 9 miles. As the city fails to pick up the pace more bicycle riders are less inclined to ride. Unfortunately, the rate of vehicles hitting bicycle riders hasn’t reduced by much. There were fewer deaths this past year, but cyclists are still getting hurt and disregarded by drivers. What incentive do bicyclists have when drivers are disregarding them more and more?

Common Bicycle Injuries

Much like a motorcycle, a bicycle accident can cause more severe damages than if you were driving a car. It makes sense as a car has covered in steel and metal. When you are riding your bicycle the hope is that you are at least wearing a helmet and some bright clothing for the cars to see you. When you are struck by a vehicle from behind, it propels your body to go forward over the handrails and onto the ground head first. This can cause so many injuries from blunt force trauma to the head to fractured discs in neck or back. The following injuries are not all-encompassing, but a small list of what bicyclist’s face:

Head injuries: make up for 60% of all death related injuries

eye trauma: When your face meets the pavement debris can enter your eye and permanently damage it

Facial and Dental injury: Again, if your face meets the pavement you can suffer from face and jaw fractures or breaks

Traumatic Tattooing: Otherwise known as road rash, traumatic tattooing can be caused when the road rash is beyond superficial and embedded debris needs to be removed from the thickness of your skin

What to Do

If you or someone you love has experienced injury due to being hit by a car while on their bicycle then you need to call 619-543-1789 or click here to speak with our Bicycle Accident Attorney at Edward J Babbitt in Oceanside as soon as you can. If you are injured then you are facing medical bills and loss of wage while you recover. Car insurances will cover bicycle accidents. Let us fight for you.