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What Happens when A Loved One Has a Wrongful Death?

When a loved one dies it can take an emotional toll on you. It’s especially unfair when it was due to someone else’s negligence. You’re not emotionally ready to fight for your compensation but now you have to deal with lawyers, adjusters, and the insurance company

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What Are the Grounds for Proving a Defective Liability Claim?

What happens when a product doesn’t operate as it should or has a defect? You could get injured or even worse, die from it. For example, a toddler gets an Elmo doll for Christmas. Upon pressing the talk button the Elmo catches on fire and burns the toddler. The parents have a right to file for lawsuit.

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You Get Into an Accident on Your Bike

You decide to go on a stroll with your bike or even take it to work. Living in California, it’s what many residents do to enjoy the good weather. Then the worst happens. You’re hit by car and you become injured.

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What a Passenger Should Do After Being Injured in A Car Accident

When you are a passenger involved in a car accident, it can be a lot more frustrating than it is being the driver. Along with the fact that you might be injured, it’s evident that you are not at fault at all for the accident because you weren’t driving.

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Do Bluetooth Headsets Really Reduce Accidents?

In recent years, a great deal of focus has been placed on the use of cellular phones while operating a motor vehicle. Whether the driver is talking on the phone, texting, or utilizing one of the other smartphone features that are available these days, the general consensus is that it is unsafe, for both the driver as well any passengers or other people in the vehicle’s proximity.

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92-Year-Old Man Facing Wrongful Death Suit in Son’s Killing

Richard Peck, age 92, from Old Town in San Diego, is facing a wrongful death suit following his guilty plea in the felony voluntary manslaughter of his son, Robert Peck, age 53.

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A Dog Attacked Your Child, Here’s What You Should Do

Dogs are beloved pets to millions of families across the country. However, every year, nearly 350,000 people are attacked and injured by dogs and need medical attention. 30 to 35 dog attacks result in the death of the person being attacked.

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How to Avoid Slip and Fall Injuries at Work

Although a personal injury lawyer may be able to help you secure compensation from your employer from a slip and fall accident, most people would prefer to remain healthy and pain-free.

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