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Chain-Reaction Crash Death

Police in Oceanside have said that the driver who caused a chain-reaction crash on state Route 76 the other day has died. The 67-year-old man was driving westbound coming up on the intersection at Old Grove when he rear-ended a vehicle in front of him. This caused a chain-reaction crash into another vehicle.

The driver who caused the crash was speaking to first responders, but his condition deteriorated once he got to the hospital. He died a short time later. The other people involved in the crash were not injured, but this incident highlights the unpredictability that drivers and passengers face each time they go out.

Nobody involved in this crash knew it was going to happen and sometimes, as was the case for the other two vehicles involved in this crash, accidents happen through no fault of their own. If you need an Oceanside car accident lawyer, you can count on Edward “Skip” Babbitt to work on securing the compensation you need.

The Real Numbers

As the most populated state in the country, California sees a high amount of vehicle accidents as well. When we look at the total number of serious injuries and fatalities from the latest reporting year, we see that there were:

  • 3,387 fatalities

  • 11,942 serious injuries

These serious injuries are often catastrophic and can include:

  • spinal cord injuries

  • head and brain trauma

  • major soft tissue damage

  • internal organ damage

  • whiplash injuries.

When you consider emergency room expenses, the hospital stay, surgical costs (if necessary) and the cost of rehabilitation, medical bills for these injuries can rise into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If a person is disabled and no longer able to work, the lost income could jeopardize the livelihood of their entire family.

How They Happen

There are many reasons for traffic crashes and most of them revolve around some sort of driver error. There are certain driver behaviors that are so negligent that the drivers should be held fully responsible in the event that they cause injuries to another person or people. These actions can include:

  • Driving while impaired by drugs or alcohol. A driver who makes the decision to drive while intoxicated is jeopardizing the lives of everyone on the roadway around them.

  • Distracted drivers are becoming more and more of a problem as evidenced by the major campaigns to curb texting and talking on the phone while driving. Distracted drivers can be just as deadly as drunk drivers.

  • Speeding continues to be the main cause of vehicle accidents in the state. Speeding is a conscious choice on the part of the driver.

What You Can Do if You Are Injured

After a car crash that was caused by another person’s negligence, we know you will have many questions. First, you need to make sure you focus on healing from your injuries. At the same time, insurance companies will be pushing for a settlement. That is where Edward “Skip” Babbitt comes in. He will work with the insurance companies and other parties to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve for all of your accident-related expenses. When you need an Oceanside car accident attorney, you can contact us by clicking here or calling 619-543-1789 for a free consultation.