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Children Most Vulnerable In Dog Attacks

No one should ever fear walking their neighborhood because of a dog. If you or someone you love has been attacked by a dog, then you have the right to sue for compensation. Our Oceanside Dog Bite Attorneys at the Law Offices of Edward J Babbitt, APC love dogs as much as the next person, but we also believe that owners must take responsibility for their dogs. There is no excuse or reason for a dog to attack a human unless they are neglected. If you own a dog and are neglecting its needs, then you should not have that animal. Our Oceanside Dog Attack Attorneys are very diligent about these cases because we believe in the safety of our communities. Too often children and young adults are mauled by dogs and scarred for life. If you have been hurt, then you have options.

On a beautiful sunny day in June, a mother and her two children went for a stroll through their neighborhood. The mother had a 2-year old son who was in a stroller and an 8-year old daughter playing while they walked. This harmless outing should have been a wonderful memory, but the memory was tainted as two dogs attacked the family. The two Rottweilers jumped over a fence and lunged at the woman and her children. The dogs attacked the smallest first, the 2-year old. As the mother tried to push the son’s stroller away from the dogs, they jumped on her. The dogs knocked the mother down while still attacking the younger child.

The attack went on for what seemed like forever to the victims. Several neighbors and the owner of the dogs ran to the scene and were able to pull the dogs away. The owner was able to get the dogs back into the backyard where they belonged. The authorities came and took the children to the hospital. The mother sustained a bite on her arm. The young toddler sustained the worst of injuries. He had bites on his arm, face, and head. He had to undergo surgery for his arm injury, but medical experts expect both mother and son to survive. The dogs were seized by animal control and are in quarantine. If this was their first offense the dogs may be able to return to their owner.

What to Do

Hiring an attorney will do one of two things for you. One, it will ensure that you get justly compensated for the injuries you endured. It will also pay for any emotional trauma. Secondly, hiring an attorney will ensure that the owners are held accountable for their negligence. If you or someone you love has been injured due to a dog attack, then we Oceanside Dog Attack Attorneys at the Law Offices of Edward J Babbitt, APC is ready to fight for you. Call 619-543-1789 or click here to schedule an appointment with our professional attorneys for a free consultation at the Law Offices of Edward J Babbitt, APC in Oceanside today.