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There are many reasons that a wrongful death claim can be made. If you’ve lost a loved one and believe it was due to someone else’s negligence, we advise you to seek legal advice of Chula Vista wrongful death attorney.
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Wrongful Death Attorney Chula Vista

If you’ve lost a loved one in an accident, here at the Law Offices of Edward J. Babbitt, we want to extend our sincerest condolences. We know you are going through an incredibly difficult time and we want to help if we can.

If your loved one was killed in an accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence, you may need a wrongful death attorney in Chula Vista. We know you have questions and we have an experienced attorney who will work with you to find the answers you need so you can have closure.

A Nightmare

After the funeral services and the initial shock of losing a loved is over, there will be so many things happening at once. In the case of many accidents, you may be offered a settlement from insurance companies as compensation for the death of your loved one. While we know that you may just want the whole nightmare to be over with, we want you to be sure you are receiving fair compensation.

When you hear the term “wrongful death,” you may get a bit confused as to what that means. We want to try to explain some of that here so you have a clearer picture moving forward.

Wrongful death claims are made when someone dies as the result of negligence or a wrongful act of another person or entity, such as a company. These are not criminal cases, although there may very well be a criminal case involving the death. These suits are brought by survivors of the person killed and ultimately involve damages being settled with money if the case is successful.

There are many reasons that a wrongful death claim can be made. If your loved one worked around hazardous materials or dangerous equipment and did not have the appropriate gear or training, their employer could be held liable for their death.

If your loved on was killed because a product they used or consumed was designed poorly, improperly labeled, or tainted in some way, not only could you have a wrongful death suit, but a product liability case as well.

If your loved one was killed by someone who was driving impaired by drugs or alcohol, or driving while distracted, their negligence could make them liable for the death.

Those are just a few examples of wrongful death but are by no means the only ways a case can be brought.

When You Need Help

If you’ve lost a loved one and believe it was due to someone else’s negligence, we advise you to seek legal advice. We understand that you may want this all to be over with, but we want to make sure you are treated fairly. Our wrongful death attorneys in Chula Vista are knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to these types of cases and they will patiently work with your through this emotional time. You can contact the Law Offices of Edward J. Babbitt by clicking here or calling 619-543-1789 for a free consultation.

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