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Devastation Knows No Age: Wrongful Death in Elder Care

We make choices based on the best information we have in front of us. Unfortunately, we can never know the full picture, which means we have to trust those around us to give us the best options too; especially, when it comes to our elders.

In San Diego, about 12% of the population is over 65 years old. Not all elderly have children they can rely on or families that can take care of them. Some elderly have only themselves to rely on, and we hope that they have the correct kind of care to ensure that they never feel alone. Unfortunately, negligence and abuse is common in the elder community. For multiple reasons such as short staff or law pay, elder care workers. When you have an over worked work force coupled with low pay you are risking some serious misbehavior and oversight to occur. These lead to serious consequences that end in fatalities.

The story of George Thomason is not one of unfamiliarity. In fact, in the state of California sees over 200,000+ cases a year relating to elder care abuse. This neglectful behavior shows up in the form of physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, emotional or psychological abuse, abandonment, abduction, and financial exploitation; there are variations of these broad categories too. Mr. Thomason was in a hospice to help care for his dementia. This stay, however, was full of neglect and as well as forging medical records to cover up neglectful behavior. While at the hospital there were reports that he had fallen onto his face and care workers did not find him until very late after his fall. After some serious medical errors, Mr. Thomason ultimately died of septic shock. Other doctors think that this was because a feeding tube was placed into his colon instead of his stomach. There were other more graphic and tragic things that occurred to this man, but the article did not provide out of respect for the family.

The wife of Mr. Thomason visited often, but still the care was not up to standards. She sued for wrongful death. This was the second wrongful death law suit against the hospice. Even though we all know that money can’t bring a loved one back, it does help give some sort of justice knowing that those who are responsible are being held accountable.

Does This Sound Like Your Story?

Our Wrongful Death attorney at Edward J Babbitt Law Offices in San Diego excel in cases that deal with loss of a loved one due to negligence of some one or party. Wrongful Death claims are civil suit claims. They are not criminal charges. You can do both at the same time and neither will effect the outcome. We take these kinds of cases very seriously because we know what is at stake. Despite their age, people still rely on their elders for comfort and financial support. Our job is to fight in honor of your loved one. Call us 619-543-1789 or click here for a free consultation.