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Dog Attack Leads To Mail Carrier’s Death

Dogs are special creatures. They show unconditional love and they are so resilient. They can come from a battered home and learn how to live in a safe home. Dogs of any breed should be showered with love, but those who are well versed in the dog world know that it isn’t true. In the United States, there are over 77 million owned dogs. In California, nearly 40% of homes have a dog and spend on average $225 a year on health visits to the vet. Californians are good at taking care of their dogs and add to the multi-billion dollar industry of pet food and toys. However, not all owners are created equal like not all breeds are created equal.

The most aggressive dogs are typically the smallest. This is because they have a very short temperament. However, they don’t get a bad reputation because their bite is not significant. When they bear down their teeth the sometimes barely break the skin. Bigger dogs who are more docile get a bad reputation because their jaws are bigger and they can pack more of a punch. The American Pit Bull is ranked 9 out 12 of the worst bites. The dogs are trained to be guard dogs and are very athletic. Because of their genetic history, they need a lot of play time to get out their energy. Their jaw is their main defense and it is a big one. So when a pit bull strikes it typically gets its prey as well as breaking some skin.

The Rottweiler is another animal that is known for its strength, but it is also very intelligent. If trained correctly it can be a very obedient dog. However, Rottweilers have a stronger bite at 328 pounds per square inch. A bite, let alone series of bites, from a Rottweiler, can be life endangering. Unfortunately, this is the kind of dog that wreaked havoc on a mailman who then later lost his life to the wounds.

The End of A Life

With an increase in mail delivery means an increase in dog attacks. Eddie Lin was just doing his job delivering packages when he was mauled by a Rottweiler who had gotten lost. The death was attributed to the attack as well as head injuries he sustained from falling as he was trying to run away from the dog. The owners of the dog had the dog euthanized, but according to Terri Lin, the wife of Eddie, no one has taken responsibility for his death.

Our Dog Bite Attorney at Edward J Babbitt in Oceanside are here to fight for you. In California, dog owners have strict liability over their pets. When a dog bites you and you were lawfully in the area then the dog owner should pay. No one’s life should end without justice. Call 619-543-1789 or click here to speak with our professional Dog Bite Attorneys today. We will fight for your right to be compensated for your physical and emotional injuries.