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E-Cigarettes May Cause Wet Lung Disease (You Could Be Entitled To Product Liability Compensation)

The moment we have all known would come has finally come. Despite being advertised as a “safer” alternative to regular cigarettes, e-cigarettes and vapes are becoming a major disappointment in the eyes of consumers.

Moreover, people all across the United States are worried for their health now that a new study has linked e-cigarette use to wet lung disease. Our San Diego product liability attorney at the Law Office of Edward J. Babbitt, APC, explains that although various side effects and risks of e-cigarettes have been known for quite a while now, the new study is truly disturbing.

According to the study published in Pediatrics, an 18-year-old teen girl had been vaping an e-cigarette for three weeks when she suddenly began experiencing symptoms similar to those of wet lung disease: chest pain and shortness of breath.

The teen’s parents sent her to the hospital, where she suffered respiratory failure. Doctors had to put the teen on a respirator. In addition to that, the doctors drained fluid from the teen’s lungs. The diagnosis confirmed that the girl had wet lung disease, also known as hypersensitivity pneumonitis.

Thankfully, the treatment was successful, and the teen was released after five days at the hospital. It is unknown whether or not the teen filed a product liability claim against the manufacturer of the e-cigarette to recover financial damages.

Do E-Cigarettes and Vapes Cause Wet Lung Disease?

So could something seemingly as harmless as e-cigarette cause wet lung disease? In order to answer this question, it is important to understand how wet lung disease is developed. For this reason, we brought our experienced product liability attorney in San Diego, who has handled multiple cases involving e-cigarettes, vapes and e-liquids in California.

Wet lung disease is developed when the lungs become inflamed due to an allergic reaction to something that is being inhaled. Besides chest pain and difficulty breathing, symptoms of wet lung disease also include fever, chills, and coughing.

Many patients who experience initial symptoms of wet lung disease, which could potentially be caused by e-cigarettes and vaping, mistake their condition for the flu. However, when the patient begins to cough at an increased intensity and frequency, it could be a sign of a respiratory issue.

E-Cigarettes, Vapes, E-Liquids and Product Liability in California

“Although an ever-increasing number of studies and reports point to potential side effects and risks of e-cigs and vapes, these devices continue to be a trendy and popular choice among youngsters, teens, and young adults,” says our San Diego product liability attorney.

More often than not, e-cigarette users are successful in their efforts to sue manufacturers because the latter fails to warn consumers of potential side effects and dangers of vaping and smoking e-cigs. In fact, most e-cigarette and vaping components do not come with warnings and instructions about proper and safe use.

The use of lithium-ion batteries in e-cigs and vapes alone makes these devices dangerous to consumers due to the high risk of batteries catching fire and exploding. Due to the fact that lithium-ion batteries have been known to be dangerous for years, manufacturers who still make e-cigs and vapes using these batteries expose themselves to product liability lawsuits.

Mod tubes is another concern among e-cig users and researchers. Because many e-cig manufacturers produce mod tubes incorrectly and negligently, e-cigs can explode and shoot shrapnel into the user. There are many more concerns surrounding e-cigs and vapes. If you want to learn more about the dangerous side effects of electronic cigarettes, contact our lawyers at the Law Office of Edward J. Babbitt, APC.

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