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Hit-And-Run Turns Deadly

The other day, San Diego firefighters were responding to a pedestrian hit-and-run when they were struck by a many driving a Toyota Corolla down the wrong side of the road. The driver of the Toyota was pronounced dead at the scene and all four firefighters were taken to the hospital for minor injuries.

The pedestrian who was originally hit was also struck by a Toyota, and police are investigating if the vehicle was the same one. The pedestrian was taken to the hospital and treated for his injuries, which included cuts and scrapes to his face and extremities.

Edward “Skip” Babbitt is ready to help if you have been involved in a vehicle accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence. There are many things that can go wrong when you are out driving, but your focus needs to be on healing if you get hurt, not dealing with insurance companies. When you need a San Diego car accident attorney, call us today.

The Numbers

California is many things, and one of those things is a dangerous place to drive. Maybe it is because we have so many out-of-state drivers here, but from 2015 to 2016, there was a 7 percent jump in the number of accident-related deaths. The number for injuries is not much better. We know there are hundreds of thousands of car accident injuries in the state each year, but for the latest reporting year, there were nearly 12,000 injuries that were classified as serious. Those can include:

The medical costs associated with these injuries can become tremendous and this is compounded by the lost income if the victim cannot return to work.

The Causes

We see plenty of irresponsible driving behavior. Those who operate at an unsafe speed are one of the main reasons people get injured in accidents. Other negligent driving behaviors that contribute to many injuries include improper lane changes and ignoring rights-of way, something that really endangers pedestrians and bicyclists as well.

Drunk Drivers

continue to be a major source of fatal accidents in the states. Any time a driver makes a choice to get behind the wheel after they have had too much to drink, they are putting lives in jeopardy.

While we are grateful that there are major public service campaigns to cut down on distracted driving, we know that it still exists. When a person is too busy watching their phone screen to pay attention to the road, they should not be driving.

Moving Forward from Here

Vehicle accidents can be complicated, especially if there are injuries. If someone else’s negligence has caused you harm, you need to seek legal assistance. Edward “Skip” Babbitt is ready to step in and help you deal with insurance companies and all other parties involved so you can focus on healing and being with your family. When you need a San Diego Car Accident Attorney, you can contact us by clicking here or calling 619-543-1789 for a free consultation.