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Motorcyclist Seriously Injured Because Of A Failure To Yield

A motorcyclist in Clairmont suffered from serious injuries last week. Police say that a motorcyclist, a 66-year-old man, was going westbound and a driver of a Ford Mustang, a 25-year-old, was heading eastbound. They were both stopped at a stoplight. When the light turned green, the Mustang driver failed to yield and attempted to turn left while the motorcyclist continued straight.

That was when they collided. The motorcyclist was taken to the hospital with severe injuries. The driver of the Mustang was not injured.

While police say they do not believe alcohol to be a factor in this crash, it is clear that the driver of the Mustang caused the incident. Failing to yield can cause major injuries. Why did he fail to yield? Was he distracted?

Edward “Skip” Babbitt knows that incidents like this, and many others, put motorcyclists in danger each day in and around the city. When you need a San Diego motorcycle accident attorney, you can count on our team to get the compensation you deserve.

So Many Motorcycles

California has nearly 900,000 registered motorcycles according to the latest reported numbers. Considering the beautiful weather and scenery the state has to offer riders, those numbers are not surprising.

Unfortunately, motorcyclists have to watch out for reckless and careless drivers, as many on the roadways ignore motorcycles. For the latest reporting year in the state, there were 14,418 injuries and 548 fatalities due to motorcycle accidents.

When a vehicle impacts a motorcycle the potential for severe injury is extreme. People riding motorcycles just do not have the same level of protection against the impact of a vehicle. There is only so much a helmet can do to protect someone from an impact. These are often the result of motorcycle accidents:

All of these can lead to major medical expenses, especially if long-term rehabilitation is needed.

Often, roadway conditions cause motorcycle accidents. If there are inadequately repaired or improperly designed roads cause a motorcyclist to lose control of their bike, those responsible for the roadway could be held accountable for any injuries.

Injuries from a motorcycle crash extend beyond physical ones. Mental and emotional suffering is common after a traumatic event and should be taken into account when considering the medical costs associated with these crashes.

What You Can Do Now

There is no reason for you or your family to be in financial jeopardy because of a mistake someone else has made. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, we know how difficult the aftermath can be. Your focus needs to be on healing, not fighting with insurance companies about settlements.

Let Edward “Skip” Babbitt handle that part for you. He will work tirelessly to secure the compensation you need for all of your accident-related expenses. This includes money for your medical bills as well as other expenses like lost income and pain and suffering damages.

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