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Multi-Vehicle Crash Caused By Texting

Driving is a dangerous business. From cars to SUVs to motorcycles, one can never be too careful when driving the vehicle of their choice. There is only so much a driver can do. Driving on the roadways requires teamwork. Everyone else on the road must be dedicated to driving the same standard of care as you. That means checking the vehicle to make sure it runs well, using appropriate signals when needed, driving the speed limit, checking out for road signs, and staying off phones. Unfortunately, not all drivers are as dedicated and it can cause some serious accidents. Our Chula Vista Motorcycle Accident Lawyers at the Law Offices of Edward J Babbitt, APC have seen and heard stories from our clients who were injured due to the negligence of other drivers. Our roadways were not created for people to abuse, yet every day someone gets hurt because a driver isn’t following the rules.

Cops Get Into Accidents Too

Distracted driving is becoming one of the lead reasons for fatal car accidents and injuries. In 2016, near 38,000 people died because of distracted drivers. This is a 5.6% from 2015. The trend for distracted driving isn’t going anywhere. This proved positive when a motorcycle police officer was ejected from his vehicle because of a distracted driver.

It was a normal Wednesday afternoon when an 8-year veteran officer was struck by an SUV. The impact ejected him from his bike causing serious injuries. For most of the night, he was in surgery. He was expected to survive, but he was in severe pain throughout the process. The woman in the SUV was 61-years old and wanted to make a left onto the highway. She was at the stops sign waiting for her turn when a young 17-year old girl crashed into the back of her. The impact pushed the SUV out onto the road. The motorcycle policeman did not have the chance to swerve out the way or reduce speed. He struck the SUV straight on.

The officer was ejected and landed on another car’s windshield. All drivers involved were taken to the hospital from injuries ranging from minor to major. The police investigating the incident stated that there was strong evidence connecting cell phone use to the teenage girl who started the chain of events. New research discovered that when people drive and talk on the phone they are just as impaired as someone who has been drinking. She could face anywhere from misdemeanors to felonies.

What to Do

Because motorcycles are more inclined to fatalities, we have a special place for them in our law office. We believe that motorcyclists should not be penalized for choosing to ride riskier vehicles. As a police officer, he has the law on his side. For other motorcyclists, they don’t carry the same reputation, but they deserve the same respect. If you or someone you love is suffering from a motorcycle accident, call 619-543-1789 or click here to schedule an appointment for a free consultation at the Law Offices of Edward J Babbitt, APC in Chula Vista today.