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Bus Accident Attorney Oceanside

We’ve been using buses for decades, and even with the rise of ridesharing services, they are still a great way to get around. Whether you need to travel long distances or just across town, you can find a bus to get you there. There are times when you just don’t feel like getting out and driving your own vehicle.

Sometimes though, accidents involving buses happen. If the accident is caused by a negligent bus driver or a mechanical malfunction with the bus and you get injured, you may need a bus accident attorney in Oceanside. You can count on Edward “Skip” Babbitt to skillfully handle your case, getting you the compensation you deserve.

How Accidents Happen

Accidents involving buses are particularly devastating. Because of their size and weight, when a bus crashes, it can affect many other vehicles and pedestrians at once, as well as the passengers inside. These accidents can quickly become mass casualty events.

Bus accidents occur for a number of reasons, but many of them happen because of mechanical failure of some sort. No matter what kind of bus, they should all undergo regular inspection. Anything that is found to be faulty should be fixed immediately, before the bus is allowed to reenter service. If a company fails to maintain a bus and it results in an accident, they could be held liable for any damages or injuries that occur.

Bus drivers should also be highly trained since they have the lives of so many in their hands. Aside from obtaining their commercial driver’s license, they should be properly trained to handle the particular bus they are driving. If a driver is reckless, whether they are driving impaired or distracted by their phones, they should be held liable if they cause an accident. If a driver has been forced to work long hours, the company could be held liable if they get into an accident.

There are many types of buses on the roadways. We trust school buses and drivers to get our children to and from school. Buses ferry people long distances, sometimes hundreds of miles. Other buses offer convenient public transportation in and around town. No matter their function, buses should provide a safe ride for everyone. When they don’t, and they cause injuries, the companies and drivers should be held responsible.

What To Do

Getting into a bus accident can be scary and traumatic. If you are injured, ensure that you get the appropriate medical attention. You may need a bus accident attorney in Oceanside. If you do, let Edward “Skip” Babbitt handle your case. His experience in this area of law will ensure that you are treated fairly.

If someone else’s negligence has caused you harm, you shouldn’t have to fight for fair compensation. Do you know what to do if you lose income from an inability to work? Will your insurance cover all of your bills? These are questions we will help you answer. You can contact us by clicking here or calling 619-543-1789 for a free consultation.

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