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Protecting Yourself on a Motorcycle Ride in California

Are you planning to go up the country for a motorcycle ride? You might be planning a road trip to the city of your choice. Or, you might be looking to find all that Mother Nature has to offer. Either way, it’s important that you protect yourself on a motorcycle ride in California. Our San Diego motorcycle accident attorney would like to provide you with important tips on staying safe when you are riding a motorcycle.

Check Your Motorcycle Before Every Ride

You should check your motorcycle before every single ride. This could help prevent an accident that could send you flying off the bike. Check the air pressure on the tires, that all of the lights work, that there is enough oil and gas in the tank, that the kickstand works, that the engine is running smoothly, that there aren’t any broken parts or other issues that could cause the motorcycle to crash.

Wear Appropriate Gear and Clothing

Each time you venture out on your motorcycle you should be wearing appropriate gear and clothing. This includes closed shoes, a helmet, gloves, long pants, long sleeved shirts and a reflective vest. You can also add reflective striping to any clothing item. Don’t worry about what you look like when riding your motorcycle. The gear and clothing will help keep your safe if involved in an accident. Specifically, it will help prevent you from suffering road rash.

Keep the Mind Clear

Do your best to keep the mind clear when riding your motorcycle. This can be done by refraining from wearing headphones, talking on your phone, or chatting with other riders in your group. When your mind is kept clear you will be able to think about the maneuvers you need to make in order to stay safe on your motorcycle ride. You will also be able to concentrate on the road around you and what other drivers are doing.

Obey Traffic Laws

Obey all the traffic laws when on your motorcycle. Do not ride in the bike lanes or on the sidewalks. Make sure you yield to pedestrians and stop at all stop signs and red lights. Do not split lanes, which is weaving in and out of stopped traffic, even though this is legal in California. Lane splitting can be a very dangerous task to attempt, which could lead to a serious accident.

Be on The Lookout for Animals

Always be on the lookout for animals when riding your motorcycle. You can wind up being involved in a very serious accident with any type of animal when on a motorcycle. This includes birds, deer, dogs, squirrels and many others. Animals are hazards at all times of the day or night for motorcycle riders so be sure to keep a watchful eye for them as much as possible.

Avoid Road Debris

Do your best to avoid road debris. Road debris can cause you to lose control of your motorcycle, sending you into a tailspin. Road debris includes potholes, tree branches, roadkill, parts from vehicles and much more.

It’s in your best interest to speak with an experienced San Diego motorcycle accident attorney if you’ve been involved in such a crash. Contact the Law office of Edward J Babbitt APC to schedule a consultation today.