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Pushpin Wrongful Death Suit

Having a child in today’s world is expensive and tiring. Because our economy is dependent on a two-income household, mothers and fathers are having a hard time keeping their children at home. They have to rely more and more on strangers in day cares to take care of their precious children. Unfortunately, not all day cares are created equal. There are specialized social workers who check up on day cares to ensure that they are up to code. However, those check ups do not happen as often as they should. We know that parents will do all they can to ensure the safety of their child, but you can’t protect them all the time.

Our Oceanside Wrongful Death Attorneys at Law Offices of Edward J Babbitt, APC have worked with families who have lost siblings, parents, spouses, and children to the negligence of others. Each case is heartbreaking and unique. The only cookie cutter thing about wrongful death stories is that someone or some party failed to do the duty of care. Our Wrongful Death Attorneys deal with a range of ages, but when it comes to children, we feel especially burdened to get the justice the victim and family so desperately deserve.

Pushpin Incident

Parents spend around $11,817 a year on daycare for their children, which translates to a little under $1000 a month. California is the 11th state with the most expensive daycare. Infant care only 26% less expensivethree-year-old boy who died than the average rent. This means families are burdened with paying rent as well as a second rent for their children to stay in daycare. The least the daycares could do is maintain their facilities and keep an eye on their safety procedures. This was not the case for the family of a three-year-old boy who died while at his daycare center.

The three-year-old boy died after swallowing a pushpin at the Montessori School of Oceanside. After several life-saving efforts, the boy died shortly after rescuers arrived. After a death, it is routine for the Department of Social Services to investigate. Their investigation proved that the family could have prevented the death. The schools violated three rules: (1) violated care and supervisory rules; (2) failed to keep supplies stored; and (3) failed to provide safety accommodations to the students. The loss of the three-year-old boy prompted the parents to file a wrongful death suit in order to push advocacy for push pins to be banned from daycares.

What to Do

If your loved one died due to the negligence of any one or any party, you are not alone. There are other families like you and our Wrongful Death Attorneys are here to hold your hand through the whole process because your family deserves peace and justice. Call 619-543-1789 or click here to schedule an appointment with our professional attorneys for a free consultation at the Law Offices of Edward J Babbitt, APC in Oceanside today.