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Road Defects and Reckless Drivers Hurt Cyclists

For the environmentally conscious, or those who just want to save on some fuel, there is nothing better than getting on a bike and heading out. Not only that, but you can get some exercise in as well. Riding a bicycle is fun, whether you do it for leisure or use a bike as regular transportation. Some people even use them for their work, delivering items all over the city.

Michael Cizaukas didn’t expect a defective roadway to cause him to crash when he was riding his bicycle in San Diego. It seems that a tree near the roadway pushed up a section of sidewalk and storm drain. The man’s front tire hit the raised edge and crashed his bike. He broke his leg, separated his left shoulder, and hit his head. He was knocked unconscious and had a concussion. Since the accident, he has undergone five surgeries and still suffers from chronic pain. He is suing the city, saying they should have known about and fixed the hazardous situation.

Bicycle accidents happen many ways, from faulty roads and sidewalks to reckless drivers hitting a cyclist. If you get hit and injured, you may need a bicycle accident attorney in San Diego. At the Law Offices of Edward J. Babbitt, you will have an attorney who is experienced and knowledgeable in this area of the law.

Be Careful

When a vehicle strikes someone on a bike, the outcome is often bad for the cyclist. There is no way for the human body to compete against a vehicle that weighs thousands of pounds. Even if you are wearing a helmet, you can still suffer major injuries, from lacerations and broken bones to major internal trauma. Sometimes, you may even need surgery to fix the damage.

Getting into a bicycle accident can be traumatic and emotional, especially if it wasn’t your fault. You may wonder what your next steps are if you find out the driver who hit you was impaired by drugs or alcohol.

Do you have any legal recourse?

What if the driver was distracted by their phone?

One of the most common places for a bicycle accident to take place is at crosswalks when the cyclist has the right-of-way. A driver may think they can just turn, even if they have a red light. Even at slower speeds, vehicles can do serious damage to our bodies. If you are hospitalized for an extended period of time and have to miss work, you may wonder how you will be able to support yourself and your family.

What to Do

In the aftermath of an accident, you need to focus on getting healed so you can get your life back. That is hard to do when medical bills are piling up and you are struggling to pay for food. If someone else’s negligence caused your accident, you shouldn’t have to suffer needlessly. If you need a bicycle accident attorney in San Diego, let Edward “Skip” Babbitt help you get the compensation you deserve. He will work with you to sort through insurance claims to make sure you are taken care of. If needed, he will go to court for you. You can contact us by clicking here or calling 619-543-1789 for a free consultation. It’s time to get your life back.