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Scooters Crowd The Streets And Injure Pedestrians

It seems like we cannot even go a single day without hearing about electric scooters. They are hard to miss as you go around town, whether they are sitting at a docking station, discarded on the street corner, or zooming by with a person on them. Electric scooters are supposed to be the magic answer for so many of our street woes, but as with any new technology that gets introduced, this one has its share of problems.

Edward “Skip” Babbitt understand that you may not know where to turn if you have been injured in a scooter accident. You can turn to Skip when you need a San Diego personal injury attorney. He will work tirelessly to secure the compensation you need for all of your accident-related expenses.

New Company Has an Idea

We have heard all the stories of people getting injured in electric scooter crashes. Rider and innocent pedestrian are injured nearly every day across the city. Local hospitals and even the CDC are now raising the alarm bells and looking for more government regulation of scooters.

However, these scooters also become a sidewalk hazard, just one more thing that can injure pedestrians. A California startup is looking to do something about that. Swiftmile is unveiling unattended scooter charging stations. The goal is for them to serve as docking stations for all scooters. The stations would be solar-powered.

“We bring order to the chaos,” said Colin Roche, the company’s founder. “We are the peace maker between the cities and scooter operators.”

It is true. Just about anyone who has spent time in downtown San Diego lately has seen a discarded scooter, inevitably blocking a pedestrian walkway. Electric scooters, seen by many as a wonderful environmental answer to easing vehicle congestion, have become a nuisance.

Currently, freelance workers are responsible for recovering scooters, putting them in their vehicles, and charging them at home before returning them to the streets in various locations.

We know that the scooter debate is still raging. Dr. Jim Sallis of the University of California San Diego says, “The sidewalks are no longer a sanctuary for pedestrians where you don’t have to worry about getting run over.”

One case highlighted is that of an 87-year-old mother who tripped over a scooter on the sidewalk. She fell off the curb and sustained five pelvic fractures as well as a deep elbow wound. Months later, her daughter says, she has yet to regain mobility.

Moving Forward from Here

We know that it can seem like you are in this battle alone, but you are not. When you get injured in a scooter crash due to another person’s negligence, you need help. Edward “Skip” Babbitt will be by your side, fighting to ensure you get compensation for the following:

  • All of your medical expenses related to the incident

  • Pain and suffering damages

  • Income recovery if you miss work

  • Loss of enjoyment of life

  • Possible punitive damages

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