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I was in a rear-end accident where the driver was 100% at fault. I had neck injuries that still persist today, several years later. I wasn't able to settle with the insurance company due to ongoing medical treatment.

Fortunately, my husband found Skip Babbitt through his website, and because of his reviews (5.0 out of 5.0), we contacted him. Skip took my case and we were able to settle before going to trial although Skip was prepared to do so.

Along the way, Skip (and Stormy) kept me informed about the process and the next steps. Great people who will see that you get justice and truly cares about you.

It's been about 4 years since that case was settled and I was involved in another rear-end accident this year (100 % fault from the driver) which was a much minor accident compared to the first one. The insurance company sent me settlement paperwork and again I reached out to Skip (via Stormy) for advice since the paperwork contained a lot of legal terms that I didn't understand.

Not only did Stormy respond to my request within hours, but she also arranged a phone consultation with Skip. He assured me that the settlement contract was OK. I don't know anyone else who would go out of their way to respond to my request with no compensation for himself and within the same day of my request!

Skip and Stormy are caring, trustworthy, and professional. I highly recommend his practice if you're in need of a lawyer.

-Paula Denlick

I don't think I can truly express how happy I am with having Skipp on my side through the initial craziness post a car accident. He made this whole process completely smooth. I was informed of all the details every step of the way and if I had any questions they were answered within a timely manner. I pray I never have to go through this again but if I did I know who I would call. Skipp and Ms. Stormy are both so kind, truly caring about you and making sure you understand!

-Samantha Cox

Best lawyer in San Diego. He went above and beyond to settle my case. Thank you, Mr. Babbitt!


Skip Babbitt took my motorcycle injury case and helped me and my wife at a very difficult time. He is a thorough professional! He kept me informed and involved through this awful process of dealing with the insurance company. Skip is a straight shooter and will not promise anything he can't deliver. If you are ever injured and need help & advice call Skip Babbitt.

-Vance Valaile

If you need a lawyer, USE Mr. Babbitt!!! Mercury Insurance gave me the run around after their client rear-ended me and admitted fault. After hiring Mr. Babbitt, Mercury had my car fixed and offered me $500. Two months before trial, Mercury offered $5k to settle (My medical bills were over $6k!) Total awarded at trial was over $22k. Mr. Babbitt personally kept me up to date on everything, is professional, ethical, and well respected - he had over 20 colleagues attend our expedited trial. I highly recommend Mr. Babbitt.

-Caroline Layton

Mr. Babbitt took a case for my family that was very complex and large. He expertly navigated it through the system and fought for us in ways I didn't know a lawyer could. My biggest impression was that he was not afraid to take our case to court. Many lawyers try to settle cases out of court and the client usually is the one who suffers because of this strategy. Mr. Babbitt's willingness and readiness to fight for us in court made the difference. He is known as one of the best courtroom lawyers in San Diego - a reputation that works for his clients! Thank you, Mr. Babbitt!

-Dan Hall

I was in an auto accident in March of 2016 that was 100% the fault of the other driver. I had minor injuries but annoying pain that will be with me for the rest of my life. Tired of being jerked around by the other insurance company for over a year, I made a few calls to see what my options were. 2 lawyers would not take my case due to a gap in medical care because of work travel. They predicted the case would go to trial and they were not trial lawyers. One of them referred me to Mr. Babbitt and he took my case. Luckily we settled months before trial and my settlement (in my pocket) was well over 4x the last offer I received from the other insurance company. My only wish was that I would have called much sooner! Thanks, Skip! He was awesome and I'd definitely hire him again (though I hope I never have to!)

-Janet D