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The Upside of Dealing with Brain Injury

Have you ever heard news so bad that you feel like there is a knot or pit in your stomach? Our San Diego Brain Injury Attorneys at Law Offices of Edward J Babbitt, APC have the privilege and honor of working with clients who are suffering from brain injuries. Hearing news that you or loved one is suffering from a brain injury is heavy news. Any type of injury to your head or brain can lead to life-altering changes. It takes a village to raise a child they say, but it takes a village of doctors and medical staff to save the life of someone dealing with brain injury.

There are so many accidents that can cause brain injury. Some of the most common reasons for brain injury are

Because we are lucky to live absent of a live war zone, military attacks and blasts typically occur internationally. However, local people can experience other common reasons like car accidents or gunshot wounds. Because of the rise in shootings, the likelihood of getting shot is increasingly present. In a recent study, it was shown that even though the United States represented 5% of the world’s population, we possess 50% of the world’s civilian-owned guns. Studies have shown that police are three times more likely to get shot in high gun ownership. It is just common sense. Countries that own more guns see more gun violence. Our country is seeing a lot lately.

The Good News

Brain injury leads to trauma which can result in physical and psychological issues. Doctors and medical staff work wonders for those who are dealing with this issue, but they can only do so much. Ariel Amavisca was driving the freeway when she took off her seat belt and averted her eyes from traffic for a few seconds when she hit a tow truck. The side effect of her brain injury was blindness.

Through years of therapy and rehabilitation, Ariel started to get her vision back little by little. A program that helped Ariel was the Love Your Brain yoga program. The six-week long program is made specifically for people with traumatic brain injury. The program is filled with yoga classes that cater to people who often feel vertigo or dizziness as they move their bodies up and down. The program provides “space” for these patients to feel movement and security that someone is there to catch them if they fall.

What to Do

If you or someone you love is suffering from a brain injury due to the negligent behavior of someone or some party then you should seek legal assistance. Our San Diego Brain Injury Attorneys will fight for the compensation you deserve. Any kind of medical service is expensive. You don’t deserve the burden of a brain injury and medical bills. Call 619-543-1789 or click here to schedule an appointment with our professional attorneys for a free consultation at the Law Offices of Edward J Babbitt, APC in San Diego today.